View Full Version : I hate when that happens

November 27th, 2014, 09:24 PM
Especially since I welded this up 3 times before. Every time if just breaks a little outside of the old weld. Admittely, the last time was 4 years and maybe 20,000 miles ago. But the spun/drawn caps of the Ammo/Raceco can are just paper thin and the vibration is just too much. I did install a vibration damper in the middle of the exhaust train but apparently not sufficient.


Oh, and that was all that was left of the can packing (maybe 20% of the can volume). I must take preventive maintenance a bit more seriously.


Another little problem. Last time I was apparently careless when assembling the can and crushed the inner tube:

All good now and ready for a weekend blat to San Diego. I did not bother to grind off the weld beads. Some traces penetrated the surface wher I welded reinforcing gussets from the inside. That stainless sheet is just sooo thin.