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Thread: In Tank Fuel Pump Replacement

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    Default In Tank Fuel Pump Replacement

    Has anyone replaced their in-tank fuel pump? There's a good chance I'll be doing this soon (I'll find out whether I need to tomorrow) and replacing my original pump with Caterham's higher flow unit (got one from Woody). However, it appears that the tank needs to come out for access. Any ideas??

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    Magnus removed his to install an external high flow pump.

    He had photos somewhere.


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    I've not done this yet, but will have to in the near future. I believe that you can do it with the tank in the car. I've started a thread on BC to find out:
    Tom "ELV15" Jones

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    Default Re: Dyno Day


    Regarding our recent dyno day I'd like to ask how the tuning we, well, you and Bisi, did differs to the dyno tune I sat in on with you and your car a couple of weeks previous.

    I noticed the pulls done with my car were from 1500 rpm to 6300 rpm as a straight pull, full throttle, I think, and yours were at constant throttle at increments of 500 rpm or 1000 rpm.

    How different are our maps based on those tuning methods?

    Would I benefit from going back to Bisi to carry out further tuning at constant throttle and set rpm points?

    The car is running great, by the way, backfires occasionally, and now I know the lambda is no longer getting dangerously lean.

    Scott E.

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