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Thread: Duratec heads - found on craigslist

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    Default Duratec heads - found on craigslist

    No relation, just found these on craigslist. Might be interesting for some Duratec builder:
    Tom "ELV15" Jones

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    So Tom, my understanding is that the Duratec is a modular engine and that the difference between the 2.0 & the 2.3 is (mostly) the height of the block: longer rods = greater displacement. Then the question becomes... why are these "2.3 Duratec heads". Aren't they supposed to be the same?
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    The heads are interchangeable. My guess is that he refers to it as the 2.3L head since that is the most common size in the Focus.

    Around 2002, Ford changed the Duratec heads a little for non Ranger installations. I looked into this a few years ago and was told by a US-based Duratec tuner that the later heads have a bowl vs a minor wedge and are far more open above the valves. He indicated that he sees 15-20hp difference between the two by simply swapping them out. Ammo confirmed there is a difference and told me that the early head is good to about 220hp vs. 250hp for the later head. An early head that has the little tumble above the exhaust port removed splits the difference at 235hp. The latter is what I am running in my 2.0L (although the head I had modified came from an early 2.3L).

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