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Thread: CARB says I need to add a PCV hose

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    Default CARB says I need to add a PCV hose

    I'm in the final stage of getting the 7 registered. The CARB (California Air Resources Board) wants me to route a hose from the back of the Zetec engine's valve cover (where the little K&N filter/breather now sits) over to somewhere on the intake side of the engine so that I have a closed loop.

    The referee said it must be before the throttle plate and suggested routing it into the air filter somehow. However, that would put it before the air mass sensor's hot wire and I fear the oil vapor would foul the wire. He also cautioned against routing it into the rubber "elbow" between the air mass sensor and the throttle as he feared the elbow would crack - this despite the fact I've got the parts and expertise to reliably place a fitting there.

    I've been to the local Ford dealer and got some advice based on the stock Zetec SVT motor setup. Anyone out there with a Zetec-engined 7 that has such a hose in place?


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