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Thread: Coordination of Events

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    Default Coordination of Events

    Looking at the problems getting the first Hemet blat setup, then the second attempt (finally ended up in Tujunga, which was very nice), also to find out who is going to Willow Springs....

    Looks like the PhP server is very good as a discussion forum but not ideal for events. Maybe a different tool would be useful: A while ago I got invited by Clark to a blat in the Malibu area and the organizer of the event was using eVite, kind of a tracking tool of what the event is about, who is invited to an event, who is coming, who is a maybe and who declined (I can see this event (last year) at:
    but I am not sure if you have to sign up first to view it.

    I found it very cool and it may complement this club forum. I believe it is a free service (with some advertising penalty)

    Magnus, what do you think? Or does Php have similar functions that we could use?


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    Well, I'm not so lucky as to be Magnus, but it sounds like a great idea. :idea: Would it be possible to Evite all "members" automatically and tally the results at some website location like posts :?: 8)

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    Evite is definetly an option. The problem is that it is an external system that is one step removed from the club site, which is always confusing.
    I shall check around to see if I can find a scheduler that we can install on our own system.

    I'll be back.

    /Magnus F.

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