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Thread: Another Cat joins the club...

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    Default Another Cat joins the club...

    Hi All,

    I've been scheming for a 7 for about the last 15 years (basically as long as I've known about them). I even came pretty close to building a Locost back in 2004 when the Miata-based kits showed up, but ran out of time and space. This year I decided that the right one had come along, and picked up a Caterham Zetec. I've seen a few 7s running around the Bay Area before, but now there's one more!

    Incidentally, when it came time to sign up for the forum, I found out that I had already registered back in 2014, presumably to look at images after Geoff linked me to a yellow Superlight R for sale back then. I guess it was bound to happen, eventually.

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    Woo Hoo! Welcome back. Nice ride.

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    Very nice!

    '62 Lotus Seven
    '84 Turbo Esprit (x2)
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    '77 Esprit S1 (RIP) :(

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    Is this the one from Bring A Trailer out of Los Osos or somewhere near there?

    Welcome to the club and check the Events section for our picnic in sometime in August.

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    Car looks good! Might be time for new tires.
    | | Sean

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    Hi Lee!

    Yes - this was the BAT car and I think Lee may have some news on tires.

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