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Thread: SPCNS Title in California

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    Default SPCNS Title in California

    I'd like to buy a used 7 which is currently titled in another state. It would be brought into CA and have to be titled and then registered as a SPCNS for smog exemption (under SB100/SB1578). In terms of documentation, I would have a clean out-of-state title and invoices for all the major parts. It seems this has been done before, but I have a few questions about this case in particular:

    1. It is currently unclear if this car was ever registered for road use in the other state (track car). Would this history be an obstacle for SPCNS and road use in CA? i.e. having a title but no history of registration.
    2. It is currently titled as a "2002 CATERHAM" - i.e. it doesn't have a special SPCNS equivalent classification in the other state. Presumably this is not an obstacle to re-classification as SPCNS in CA?
    3. Since the MSO was surrendered to the out-of-state DMV to obtain the title, it's not available for the CA DMV. Presumably an out-of-state title would substitute for the MSO to get SPCNS?
    4. I've read conflicting info on whether the "7,500 mile limit" applies to SPCNS applications. Can you register a used out-of-state kit-car which has <7,500 miles on the clock?

    Thanks so much. I'm trying to contact DMV for their verdict, but getting through to Sacramento on the phone is taking ages.

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    I don't believe it will be any problem.

    Make an appointment with a local DMV and go talk to them. If the closest one is busy, try the next.

    Or just go there and wait in line.

    Sometimes early AM has long wait lines. I have gone mid afternoon and found only a short wait. YMMV.

    Where are you located?

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    Hi Doug - thanks for your reply! I'm in San Diego. I agree, from everything I have gathered from previous folks who have bought out-of-state cars, this should be no different. I actually bit the bullet, since the deal would have slipped through my hands by the time I'd have spoken to someone in person at the DMV. I called Sacramento a few times, but the folks there were clueless about SPCNS. Cheers!

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