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    Default USA2005 - Various blogs

    Well, the USA2005 tour is going along nicely. We are in Santa Fe, leaving for Durango today.

    I've made links to various tour blogs and photo albums here:

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    Default Hooking Up?

    How about a location I can connect with the tour at Monterey or farther south? That would be sunday. See ya

    edit: can't make it on Monday, have a good drive

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    They will be staying at the Cambria Pines Lodge in Cambria Sunday night, Oct. 2, then heading up Hwy 1 Monday morning to San Francisco. They stay on Hwy 1 till Santa Cruz, then go inland on Hwy 9 and Skyline Blvd. Here's the hotel's web site:


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    Default Route

    I suspect quite a few of us will venture off of the published route on the last leg. I will probably take them up Soquel San Jose road and through some of the twisty bits:

    HWY1 - Soquel San Jose - Summit road - Bear Creek road - Skyline - Black road - Bear Creek road (again) - to Boulder creek - through big basin and up to skyline.

    Alternate suggestions welcome!


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    Default Hey Tom !

    If you're going to do that - let me know !

    I'm going to see if I can go to Sears Point on Tuesday, but if you are going to go that route up, you'll be going near enough to my house that I can tag along and make up the numbers. Any idea what time frame you will be going through there ?

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